Koodo is a popular cell phone company in Canada. A major branding for Koodo is their cartoon wrestler, El Tabador. Koodo came to my company to collaborate on an interactive game.


To create a fun interactive game to promote their holiday album, A Merry Mariachi Holiday, that will work on the Timeplay platform.

To do this, the Creative Director and I came up with a type of old-school shooting gallery. The video panned along a snowscape and El Tabador would pop up from behind objects. All players in the audience were divided into two teams. Artwise, I was given assets and created a ‘panoramic’ style with small real-time animations.

Theatre Screen:



For the smartphone, the Creative Director, developer and I came up with a ‘flicking’ motion.


At the end of the game, all players won a free download for the holiday album, and the winning team won assorted prizes. The Grand Prize was a Samsung Galaxy S II X.

This is an example of the prizing artwork in your smartphone:


Final Gameplay Capture:

The game was so popular that Koodo came back to us the next fall for a new game, where the prize was a Galaxy SIII:

Total time from inception to completion was about 4 weeks.

I worked with a talented group of people. If you’re interested, their links are below:

Animation: Jeff L. Fuller

Overall help: Chris Atkins

Michelle DelRosario

Alba Gomez